Kevin Dunn  Exits  WWE

8 Things You need To Know About  Kevin Dunn

 He was the man behind the iconic WWE look and feel for over 30 years. He joined WWE in 1984.

He was known for his loyalty to McMahon and his willingness to carry out his vision, no matter how outlandish it can be.

After the acquisition of WWE in 2020 by UFC parent company , He clashed with the new regime after Endeavor's acquisition of WWE.

Dunn's exit is seen by many as the end of an era for WWE. His unique style was a major part of what made WWE stand out from other wrestling promotions

Dunn's departure has been met with mixed reactions. Some fans, who felt that his style was outdated and over-the-top, are happy to see him go.

Whether you loved his style or hated it, there's no denying that Kevin Dunn had a major impact on WWE. He helped to turn the company from a regional promotion into a global phenomenon

It is not yet known what Dunn plans to do next. However, given his experience and talent, it is likely that he will find work in the entertainment industry.

With Dunn gone, it remains to be seen what direction WWE will take its programming. Triple H has said that he wants to make WWE more "cinematic,