8 Netflix Shows You Must Watch In 2024 ( with release date )

1. Fiasco (April 1st)

A darkly comedic heist series with a group of amateur criminals who attempt the biggest robbery in Spanish history,

2.Devil May Cry (Summer 2024)

An animated adaptation of  video game franchise, showcasing Dante, a demon-hunting half-demon slaying his way through hordes of monstrous foes

3.Moonrise (June 15th)

A sci-fi mystery thriller set on a moon colony ruled by a corporation, where a young woman investigates the disappearance of her brother

4.Bridgerton Season 3

The lavish period drama returns with another sibling's quest for love, navigating the scandal and romance of Regency-era London

5.Blood & Water Season 2

The South African teen drama  that tests friendships and new secrets threaten to unravel the lives of Parkhurst College students.

6.Jurassic World: Chaos Theory (August 1st)

An animated series where Owen Grady's dream of coexisting with dinosaurs takes a wrong turn .

7.Accidente (Mid-2024)

A Spanish drama based on a hit thriller novel, about the lives of four characters whose life changes after a hit-and-run accident

8.Kaos (February 14th

A Greek mythology-inspired comedy series chronicling the mischievous adventures of the gods on Mount Olympus