21 Best Blocking Your Blessings Quotes

Life is a mix of opportunities and blessings, waiting to be unraveled by those who embrace positivity, gratitude, and an open heart.

But sometimes we ignore them intentionally or unintentionally so in this article we will discuss some of the best curated Blocking Your Blessings Quotes.

Sometimes we find ourselves standing in the way of our own success, unintentionally blocking the flow of blessings that could lift our lives. Recognizing and overcoming these self-imposed barriers is essential for personal growth and fulfillment.

21 Best Blocking Your Blessings Quotes

Best Blocking Your Blessings Quotes
Best Blocking Your Blessings Quotes

In this blog post, we’ll explore 21 insightful quotes that shed light on the ways we may unintentionally hinder the blessings meant for us.

Each quote serves as a powerful reminder to break free from negative thought patterns, self-doubt, and fear, paving the way for a more abundant and purposeful life.

Best Blocking Your Blessings Quotes

Here are the 21 Best Blocking Your Blessings Quotes that you will relate to at some point in your life.

So let us dive in

Blocking Your Blessings Quotes
Blocking Your Blessings Quotes

  1. “Sometimes, the only thing blocking your blessings is you – get out of your own way.” – Himanshu Gahlawat
  2. “Doubt and fear are the greatest obstacles to receiving the blessings that await you.” – Louise Hay
  3. “Gratitude opens the door for more blessings to flow into your life.” – Oprah Winfrey
  4. “Letting go of the past clears the path for new blessings to enter your life.” – Karen Salmansohn
  5. “Don’t let the shadows of yesterday block the sunshine of tomorrow.” – Nishan Panwar
Quotes About Blocking Your Blessings
Quotes About Blocking Your Blessings
  1. “The key to receiving abundance is to believe you are worthy of it.” – Wayne Dyer
  2. “Overthinking is the art of creating problems that don’t exist.” – Himanshu Gahlawat
  3. “Fear is the darkroom where negatives are developed.” – Zig Ziglar
  4. “You can’t receive new blessings if your hands are full of old grudges.” – Joel Osteen
  5. “Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have and offer thanks for all the troubles we don’t have.” –
Don t block your blessings quotes
Don t block your blessings quotes
  1. “The universe is always conspiring to bless you – learn to listen to its whispers.” – Iyanla Vanzant
  2. “Your attitude determines the altitude of your blessings.” –
  3. “When you focus on the good, the good gets better.” – Abraham Hicks
  4. “Scarcity mindset blocks the flow of abundance.” – Deepak Chopra
  5. “The more you worry, the less you attract what you desire.” – Rhonda Byrne
  6. “Comparison is the thief of joy and blessings.” – Theodore Roosevelt
Don t block your blessings quotes
Don t block your blessings quotes
  1. “Letting go is hard, but holding on to what’s not meant for you is even harder.” –
  2. “Your blessings will arrive when you start appreciating what you already have.” – Germany Kent
  3. “Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never received.” – Robert Brault
  4. “You are a magnet for the blessings you think you deserve.” – Lalah Delia
  5. “Your mind is a powerful magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.” – Brian Tracy
Don't Chase People Quotes
Don’t Chase People Quotes

You can use these quotes and you will even relate to these quotes, so use these as a source of motivation or inspiration and keep going.

You can also use these quotes to identify the situations in your life that make you feel that you might be having a great shot at life right and you are avoiding it.

So make complete use of these quotes.

FAQ | People Also Ask

Now let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to blocking your blessings.

What does blocking your blessings mean?

Blocking your blessings is a phrase commonly used in a spiritual or religious context, often referring to the idea that individuals can unknowingly prevent positive things, opportunities, or “blessings” from coming into their lives due to certain behaviors, attitudes, or actions.

Do not just count your blessings quotes?

“Counting your blessings isn’t just about acknowledging the good things in life; it’s about appreciating the abundance of joy, love, and grace that surrounds you every day.”

What is a famous quote about blessings?

“Count your blessings, not your problems.”
This famous quote reminds us to focus on the positive aspects of our lives and be grateful for the blessings we have, rather than dwelling on our difficulties and challenges. It serves as a gentle reminder to appreciate the good things and find joy in the little moments that enrich our lives.

When every blessing comes with a curse quote?

“When every blessing comes with a curse.”
This quote suggests that even in the best of circumstances, there may be some negative or undesirable consequences attached. It speaks to the idea that nothing is perfect and that even the most fortunate situations can have drawbacks or challenges. It reminds us to appreciate the good things in life while being aware of the potential downsides that may come with them.


In the journey of life, we often find ourselves at crossroads, uncertain about the direction to take.

These 21 blocking your blessings quotes serve as gentle reminders that we have the power to shape our reality.

By embracing gratitude, releasing fears and doubts, and letting go of negative thought patterns, we open the floodgates to a life filled with abundance and purpose.
So, let’s step out of our own way, trust in the universe’s plan, and welcome the blessings that await us with open arms. Remember, you are worthy of all the goodness life has to offer!

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